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I weep for the future

I got the results back for the term paper I posted about last week. Though I literally had a week to watch the movie and throw 8-10 pages together to fit a contrived premise, it was well received. Nicely done, … Continue reading

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Ya wanna be on the TeeVee?

Got this in the email folder the other day, thought y’all might like to know. Hello, I’m currently casting for a pilot television show about preppers/survivalists. I think you may be a great resource for finding well prepared people, who … Continue reading

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More Eloquent Than I

Eric Kain does a pretty good job summarizing the point I was trying to make earlier. The state works first and foremost for the elite, after all. It creates a system of violence (the War on Drugs) which leaves too … Continue reading

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Gnomes for the Gardening Gunny in your life (ready to drop Trolls and put the hurt on Monster Hunters alike).

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