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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/25/11

Nick M writing on the Libyan happenings If freedom is a loaded gun (and it is) then what is a rocket launcher on the back of a Hi-Lux? Nick M – CCinZ Answer: One of the few things I would … Continue reading

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Mathematics is not their strong suit

I understand that with all their fancy lawyering, and all the law school they had to attend so they could do said lawyering, the folks at the ACLU didn’t really have time to take a bunch of mathematics courses. And … Continue reading

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Wonder and Envy, but Mostly Wonder

For me, the easiest way to tell that an author has transcended the gulf between good, serviceable writing (the sort found in most genre fiction, from Frederick Forsyth to Heinlein to Stephen King) and literature (from Parker’s early Spensers and … Continue reading

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