Wolf and Ball

I’ve been working late the past couple of weeks, and the wife sent me this sad photo of Alaska hugging his ball, waiting for me to come home and play…. 🙁

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4 Responses to Wolf and Ball

  1. Bram says:

    My dog (a mastiff) like to lay half on / half off her bed also.

  2. Jid says:

    since I’m kinda a newbie here, is that a timber wolf (sure looks like one) or a large white German Shepard….
    which is really wierd — cause I used to have a big White Shepard named — you guessed it — Alaska

  3. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Welcome! He is actually half white shepherd and half white wolf — but the perspective in the pic is deceiving; he’s kind of a runt as wolves and hybrids go. Full-blooded wolves are huge!

    The White Wolf Sanctuary in Oregon has lots of gorgeous rescued white wolves. I guess they are a rather rare breed.

  4. Mollbot says:

    Phil and I met a Gray Wolf a few years back… she was big, but looked small next to her owner’s enormous… Mastiff, I think it was? Phil might recall. Whatever, the guy had some seriously huge canine companions.

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