CalGuns Foundation License-to-Carry Strategy

Most RNS readers are likely not Californians, and so it bears repeating that your humble correspondent lives in California and, like most of the state’s residents, in a county whose Sheriff refuses to issue concealed-carry licenses for self-defense. In a nutshell, the strategy is to force them to change by suing them on the basis that such refusal violates civil rights.

But I’ll let CalGuns Foundation Chairman Gene Hoffman explain the details.

UPDATE: For those who are not members of the CalGuns forum, click over to this post at No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money blog where you can read Gene’s full text.

(It’s early and I’m not able to paste in the details from my phone, so talk amongst yourselves or just follow the above link until I get my ass out of bed and update the post from a real computer.)

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    I’ll repeat the comment I made at Sebastian’s if I may, and it’s why I am generally optimistic about California.
    Part of the strategy in California has to be (must obviously be?) to keep the pin-heads busy and close-focused, and playing games with snippy legislation so they don’t see the emerging Big Picture – so good, let’s do it that way.
    One lesson I hope we have learned is that they are way over their heads in legal skills and knowledge, and have a hugely outsized and un-challenged view of their own skill-set that bears no objective correlation to reality.
    The California Left’s lack of objectivity and reliance on rote Doctrine and simplistic Lefty notions has resulted in a near clinical example of the Dunning–Kruger effect – “unskilled and unaware.”
    The reality is that there’s no competition among them in their own kindergarten Leftspace, and they’ve begun to produce weaker and weaker candidates from a shrinking pool of genetically inferior and electorally untested, intransigent Leftoids.
    They *believe* themselves to be oh-so clever (eg: MikeB2000whatever), but they write laws so badly and so full of holes and un-forced errors that it’s relatively easy to tie them up in court and force a countervailing opinion to result. So let them go down that crooked road and we’ll keep straightening them out – and since they are unskilled and unaware they fail to learn from any of their own mistakes, so we end up winning.
    Hell you can buy a S&W M&P AR15 in California now, in several different configurations. Just a few years ago major Manufacturers were afraid to sell into this (huge) and un-tapped market, but that’s all changed!

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