Let me explain

Yes, I know it is my third day of posting funny pictures and that the blogging has gotten really light as of late.

My excuse is that I am so damn busy welding, a mortal man would cry.

Last week was my first week of my last quarter in class. In the next 11 weeks I have to finish learning to TIG weld 3/8 plate steel vertically and overhead, learn to weld 10″ diameter pipe in a fixed position (I am not allowed to rotate it), as well as learn to use the TIG welding process on Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

After that, I have to attempt to earn as many structural certifications as possible so that I can go out and get the best paying job I can find. I know for certain that I’ll be attempting a certification in both GTAW (TIG) sheet metal and heavy plate steel, an FCAW (Dual Shield Wire Feed) heavy plate certification, a GMAW (MIG) heavy plate certification, a SAW (Sub Arc Welding) heavy plate certification and, if I can sneak it in, maybe a SMAW (Stick) heavy plate certification.

Because of material costs, the school does nto offer certifications in anything stainless or aluminum in any process. If I want the chance to do that as a job, I have to show I am certifiable in many other types of welding and hope someone who can certify me notices.

In addition to spending my days doing that, a few weeks ago I left one of my tables and some business cards at one of the local rifle ranges in the hope of selling it. I did not. But even better, a local General Contractor saw it and has called me up to do some fabrication work on a home he is rebuilding.

Also, I have other folks wanting things like Headache Racks built for their trucks. They are willing to pay me $40 an hour for the work. I love y’all, but I love money more.

And lastly, now that the Dean is back on campus, I was hired by the school to work a few hours after class a couple days a week.

I guess you could sum it up by saying, “Mo money, less bloggin'”.

I will make every effort to post something every day. But it may just be funny pics.

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3 Responses to Let me explain

  1. Paul B says:

    The front part of an employment curve is usually the hardest. I would suggest you might have more luck going on your own, as opposed to finding some one who wants to use you to fund their bottom line.

    I know of a few guys who have gone on their own in welding and done well enough. It is like anything, more you do the more you will do.

    Good luck

  2. rusty muskets says:

    hey man, hang in there and get the certifications- we will still be here when you have more blogging time….
    good luck

  3. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    One should never apologize for pursuing success. The free ice cream will wait.

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