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Say WHAT?!

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a man who said he accidentally shot his girlfriend to death with a gun they used during foreplay. Wow, serious 4 rules fail.  If you need to use a gun for foreplay, might I suggest one … Continue reading

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Eco-Greenie Ripoff

So I’m at a different location today for work, and I’m out in the kitchenette warming up my lunch in the radioactive detonator.  I wander over to the soda machine (not owned by my employer) and see a sign on … Continue reading

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Wait! You mean…

(shock! horror!) Not every militia member is a crazy, racist, faggot stomping, Jesus freak? F*CK!  What the hell will the MSM do now? (aside from completely ignoring this report, which is your cue to spread it far & wide)

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And I’m paying for this

My English 101 class in an online sort of set-up. The Prof sets up the assignments. Every Monday we all log into the college’s website and read them. We then read the assigned texts from the TWO books we had … Continue reading

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