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Slo-Mo Anxiety Attack

So for Boomershoot, Phil’s graciously allowed my wife to have the use of the Ruger M77 Mark I in .22-250 that Phil used to blast pool cue chalks at 100 and 200 yards. I figure that’s accurate enough that we … Continue reading

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By Request

The best D&B is completely psychotic and needs no vocal track. But this is still pretty good Approaching questionably sane These guys have been off their meds for quite some time Enjoy!

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A perfect example of why I dislike the MSM

9/11 was packaged into a public drama. Packaging complex issues into simplistic, easy to digest sound bits is a big part of the reason we have such partisan and heated rhetoric these days.

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If true…

Bush et al knew many Gitmo detainees were innocent and did nothing.

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