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Ballistics Bleg

If you have a Black Hills .308 cartridge with a 175-grain bullet leaving your muzzle at, say, 2351 feet per second, and you THINK your gun is still zeroed at 400 yards from last Boomershoot but would like to verify … Continue reading

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More Boomershoot Prep

For Boomershoots past I’ve been using the old foam-plugs-in-the-ear in combination with earmuffs. Keeps the noise down nicely but makes shooter-spotter conversations difficult. So for Boomershoot 2010 the wife and I will be sporting the Howard Leight electronic earmuffs recommended … Continue reading

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Toy Guns?

Bruce never heard of Duracoat.

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As I’m leaving the gym today, I see, sitting on the bench right outside the doors, a morbidly obese person puffing away on a cancer stick. Is that ironic, or just sad?

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The oPad

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