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Anti-Islam Bumper Stickers OK on Military Bases

Analysis of the court decision striking down the ban is here. Camp Lejeune policy banned the display of “extremist, indecent, sexist or racist” messages on cars. Mr. Nieto had been required to remove from his car an “Islam = Terrorism” … Continue reading

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The Circle Is Complete

A long time ago, in what seems like a galaxy far, far away, my folks bought my brother and me matching sets of Star Wars sheets. This being 1978 or thereabouts, they were “the originals,” if that counts for anything. … Continue reading

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Markets are not Oracles

The danger of predicting the future based solely upon “what the markets tell us“. Not everything of value is priced accordingly by the markets.

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It’s not about having something to hide

It’s about having the freedom to control my information. PS If you aren’t reading Blunt Object, you should.  He does a great job explaining economics and has a thing for fast cars. Bruce Schneier is also an excellent resource.

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Progressive Fascism

Dirtcrashr found yet another bit of evidence — on Antiques Roadshow!

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Point Counterpoint

I’m a bit of a greenie, so I’m all for reducing our dependence on oil & coal.  I’m also not a total idiot and I know that wind & solar are not going to be able to provide for our … Continue reading

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Smarter than your average NYC taxi rider

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’m attempting to get ahead of my school work in preparation of Boomershoot. This has led to some strange happenings yesterday. I fell asleep to something on the Discovery Channel in the late morning. … Continue reading

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Pondering the Imponderables

Or not. Yesterday, NickM @ CCinZ posted up a couple things that’ll make your eyes cross. In a bad way. Behold “Thinking about Whiteness and Doing Anti-Racism”. There is an instructor, so I guess you could call it a class. … Continue reading

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