Boomershoot 2010 AAR

Now that I’m mostly rested, or at least rested enough to retell the tale, here is my AAR for Boomershoot 2010. All pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

First, the rest of the crew from the RNS firing position.


From left to right, you have the lovely Ms. David, Rolf, my ugly mug and David. Photo by Dave from Michigan.

Boomershoot sits atop the Clearwater River valley outside of Orofino, ID. This is a shot only about 1/3 of the way up to the site.

Photo by Dave from Michigan

And this is some of the scenery from almost the top of the palouse.

Photo by Rolf

On Friday, once we were on site and got the tents set up, we got to sighting in. Also, my fellow residents of the RNS position were introduced to my “surprise”.

As you can see, I brought a couch.


Photo by Rolf

Boomershoot does not have to equal being uncomfortable.

David and Ms. David spent Friday attending Gene Econ’s long range precision rifle class. Even though it was her first time shooting a rifle at any distance, it was not too long after that Ms. David became very dangerous to Boomers along the 385yd line with my Ruger 77 MKI in .22-250 Rem.

Photo by Rolf

They weren’t the first to demand I let them purchase the rifle, and I doubt they’ll be the last.

I spent some time knocking the steel around on both Friday and Saturday. At the end of each day, Joe would put on the “High Intensity” events (previously known as “Entertainingly Close” and “Clean Up”).

Essentially, Boomers are staked at the 385yd berm and we are invited to bring our “looks menacing to Chuck Schumer” equipment down to within 30 feet or so and enjoy the shockwave.

Here I am with my XM

Photo by Dave from Michigan

And here is David and Ms. David. He with his SAR-8 and she with the Kel-Tec rifle.

Photo by Dave from Michigan

Here is a photo of the “River o’ Boomers”. From our position, the top of the berm ranged 683yds and the bottom was around 580yds.


Photo by Dave from Michigan

From a different perspective


Photo by Rolf

Sunday afternoon was not a good day for me. I apparently only brought my “Bring It” on Friday and the very windy Saturday. But I spent Sunday afternoon making 8in circles around 7in targets. I wanted to know if it was me or my rifle or my ammo so I had Rolf step out from behind the spotting scope and give the trigger a squeeze. His first shot on a boomer I’d sent ten rounds towards hit the bastard and set it off. There was no doubt left. It was me.

My fellow Boomershooters were apparently having the same problems because there were still lots of undetonated Boomers up on the hill. I did hear some folks saying that they were hitting them but that they weren’t going off. However, I only witnessed a handful that actually had holes in the corners, so I’m chalking most of those up to lack of proper caliber for that distance.

Michael Bane showed up on Sunday with his film crew to get some footage and interviews in for his show. I believe he stated the broadcast won’t be until next January, but he did say he’d give us all plenty of notice of the actual air date. When it does air, if you tune in, one of the folks you’ll see is our very own David.

Photo by Dave from Michigan

Rolf spent Friday and Saturday helping build Boomers with Joe and the Crew, and he got a few special privileges, such as walking the “River o’ Boomers” with his AR and setting a few of the undetonated ones off (aka: Boomerhunting).

Photo by Rolf

There are plenty more stories to go along with these, though a lack of photographic evidence makes them more difficult to relate to folks who weren’t along for the ride. I’m sure that when David gets rested up he’ll have his own tales to tell.

But for now, just put it into your head that you must attend next year. Because Boomershoot is something that every gunnie should take part in. There are excuses as to why you haven’t attended, but none of them are very good.

See you there next year!

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7 Responses to Boomershoot 2010 AAR

  1. BadIdeaGuy says:

    Another year of boomershooting, another year of envy… great pics!

  2. Rivrdog says:

    Great pics AND writing. If it was up to me, Phil, I’d give you collitch credit for all the lower-level writing courses, but Perfesser is not one of my titles.

    I agree on the “wrong caliber for the range” statement. The .243, my main “box stock” rifle, is just not up to much over 500 yards.

    I’m eyeing a Savage Model 10 FP in .308 with slower twist and a 24″ barrel. That rifle should be able to properly launch a 175-gr and up bullet, maybe even up to 200-gr, which WILL have the staying power. I want to stay with .308, but might have to bump that up to something stronger, such as 7mm RemMag or 300 WinMag. The same Savage (with that beautiful AccuTrigger) comes in .300 WM.

    The top of the hill has been only a pipe dream for me up to this point. BTW, from Point 75, wouldn’t the top be over 700 due to the angle involved?

    More research required, but that’s part of the fun…

  3. Chad says:

    Wow, my comment was totally stolen almost by word. Excellent work BadIdeaGuy.

    But yeah, another year out of the PNW and another one missed. I’ll have to go and try to make it up tomorrow.

  4. Defens says:

    I only partially agree with the caliber comment. This year, after 9 years of shooting off a bench, my buddy and I went prone. Although it was definitely more difficult, we did observe many shots where we’d either blow the Boomerite out of a box without detonation, or follow the trace right into a box, again without result.

    I was shooting a 6.5 Grendel and a .308, both of which have carried plenty of energy in the past to detonate boomers at the top of the hill. Even Joe admitted that the percentage of duds was up. However, it was still orders of magnitude better than the “dark ages” when nothing went off, even the introductory fireballs!

  5. Kim du Toit says:

    Phil, excellent stuff. Couldn’t make it this year, but next year… and I’m trying to bring Mr. Free Market with me.

    Any other AARs out there for this year’s event?

  6. Ragin' Dave says:

    I am SO TAKING LEAVE next year!

  7. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Chad, would love to eventually hear about just how you went about “making it up.” IIRC you’re still somewheres in SWAsia… I’m assuming items with which to make loud booming noises are readily available….

    Kim, I’m still gathering my thoughts but will have something up hopefully before Mother’s Day. Wife shot some video and lots of pics but we haven’t had time to look at any of them yet. IIRC Mr. Free Market’s a Brit, correct? so Joe will definitely be enthused about that!

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