Oh Darwin Man!

Seriously. There ought to be a superhero — “Darwin Man!” — who appears, bludgeons the wart on humanity into paste — “For the good of all mankind, I apply the rod of Natural Selection!” –  and disappears until necessity calls. He’d probably be overbooked as all Hell.

That is some funny.  RTWT.

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3 Responses to Oh Darwin Man!

  1. Brigid says:

    Can I paint a symbol or something in blood on my front door so he misses me and gets the neighbor?

  2. Nah, just don’t be an embarassment to the gene pool (which is something I find highly unlikely from you).

  3. Gerry N. says:

    Kind of along this line, I was dragooned into attending a “Heart” concert several years ago. An ijit immediately behind me and one seat to the right insisted on taking flash photos of the stage which was approximately 120′ away. After four or five of these flashes which blinded me for half to three quarters of a minute each, I turned around and asked the photo genius, who turned out to be a teen age girl, if I could borrow her camera. She obliged, handing me a cheap, single use, house branded drug store 35mm auto-flash camera. I immediately pointed it at her, and tripped the release. Her parents went ballistic on me. I pointed out that I had enjoyed the flash about as much as they did. Five farooking times.

    Daddy had his precious snowflake put her camera away.

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