He has been trained well

Last week, waste of oxygen dirtbags from one of the local hate groups were out in the early moning hours in Thurston County (home of the state capitol) tossing eggs wrapped with their bile-filled literature onto people’s lawns.

Police are investigating and I’m sure that one of the brainless wonders who did this will be bragging about about loudly and will be caught soon enough.

But one of the people who found eggs on his lawn was Steve Newborn. I do not know his political affiliation, but I’ll put $20 down that says he is either a Green or a Democrat.

Either way, Newborn is an idiot, as is evidenced by this quote to the local station report I linked to:

“That’s not first amendment rights, that’s bigotry,” said Newbon.

Sorry Steve, even the most vile of bigots have the right to say whatever they fell the need to, no matter how disgusting it is to everyone else. I don’t like it either, but that is how things work in this country (until the left gets their way, at least).

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