This is an example of why

Leftists and progressives are not actually “pro-choice”

Nevada Leaps Forward Nationally with Education Savings Accounts

Nevada as a trailblazer in education? Underachieving, Third-World Nevada setting a new national standard in school policy that other states are destined to follow?

Believe it. And it never, ever would have happened if a Republican Legislature and governor weren’t in power.

The sweeping education reform agenda passed by Nevada lawmakers and signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval included a groundbreaking school choice provision: nearly universal education savings accounts, or ESAs. Starting next year, parents will be able to withdraw their children from public school, gain control of the tax revenue that funded their enrollment, and spend that money on an educational program that’s best suited for them. ESAs are much better and more flexible than school vouchers for two reasons.

“First, the ESAs move from school choice to educational choice. Not all learning takes place in a classroom. By changing the education funding mechanism to reflect that reality, Nevada will allow parents to better tailor their children’s education to meet their unique learning needs,” said Jason Bedrick, policy analyst for the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom.

“Second, whereas the entire amount of the voucher had to be spent in one place at one time, the ESA funds can be spent on multiple educational products and services, and families can save unspent funds for the future. … Overnight, Nevada has become the most interesting state for education reform.”

No progressive will ever support something like this because it breaks parent’s and children’s dependency upon the public (aka: government controlled) education system.

As this news filters through the leftosphere, I guarantee that they will compare this to child abuse and declare that Nevada will soon return to the dark ages.

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2 Responses to This is an example of why

  1. dustydog says:

    I’m confused – where are the opportunities for graft and corruption? Did all the usual politicians sleep in late one morning?

  2. Tom says:

    Can they spend the money on anything they want or is there someone watching every penny to make sure it’s only on education? Because what will happen is the welfare trash will, instead of homeschooling, just take the money and spend it on beer or saying they need the big screen TV or Camaro (you know, “field trips”) for education purposes. Then more taxpayer money will be spent on inspectors, etc. and fighting them to pull the kids out and put them back into school.

    By “welfare trash” I mean people who have kids not because they want a family and love kids, but as a tax benefit, welfare bonus, or just because they’re not responsible to practice birth control.

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