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Impending Doom?

It’s mostly manufactured for your entertainment news cycle. In case you miss it, this link from the article is worth reading.

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SHOT Show 2011: Walking to SHOT from our Suite

I’ve always liked long reveals in film; this was kind of a fun way to head to the show each morning.

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SHOT Show 2011: Kel-Tec KSG

At $800 or so MSRP for a pump shotgun, I would hope they’d have the problem Caleb identified eliminated by the time they reach production, which is expected in 3rd or 4th quarter of 2011. My wife, at, 5’2″, found … Continue reading

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SHOT Show 2011: A View of the Main Floor

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SHOT Show 2011: A 1911 for the Children

Seriously, this thing is cute as all get out and as a fully-functional 1911 in .22LR sized for very small hands, it’s an obvious “My First 1911” for young shooters. Way to go, Browning!

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That is the giant sucking sound Californians are hearing of their money Welfare tab of children of illegal immigrants estimated at $600 Million in LA County That is just one county. Ross Perot spoke of a potential giant sucking sound … Continue reading

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Something’s up with the software and can’t post pics at this time, but this link should suffice.

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