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Dehydrating How-To

Neat series of videos, here’s the first.

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Light Bulb Math

Laptop and a Rifle compares LED bulbs with CFLs. I replaced all our incandescents with 100W CFLs a couple years ago and our power bill dropped precipitously. I leave several running constantly and the cost is so small I dont … Continue reading

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Keeping Poor in Perspective

Remember, a lot of the “poor” in this country are actually people who have just entered the job market, and even those “poor” people are pretty well off (& not living in abject poverty). Also, a lot of being poor … Continue reading

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I noticed throughout this week so far that the people who were mocking Michelle Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus response to the Obama SOTU had nothing but praise for the speech Alan Grayson wanted to hear (aka: give himself in response … Continue reading

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