No More Boomershoot Curly Fries???!!!

Idly passing time by reading Ry’s blog, I noticed this:

Happy news, though; I get to propose replacement catering for the main event as well as the dinner. I have a few ideas.

Emphasis mine. Horrors, does this mean that the food coach with Ma and Pa serving up burgers and mounds of curly fries will not be on site at Boomershoot this year?

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  1. Joe Huffman says:

    Correct. “Ma and Pa” of Freeman Creek Concessions has retired and sold their equipment. Ry is looking for the replacement. I gave him the task because he had always complained about them, hence he gets to fix “the problem”.

    Saturday night dinner will be supplied by “The Edge Catering” which is part of “Dining on the Edge” in Orofino.

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