Looks like Aunt Flo is visiting Pandagon

Or maybe she’s always like that?

Raving Ale Wench, Armanda Marcotte takes exception to Chris Muir’s “Day By Day” editorial cartoon from this last weekend, and does some editing of the text within the cells.

For those not willing to venture over to the Land of Hatred and Estrogen that is Pandagon, Marcotte alleges that all of the facts in Muir’s panels are “Neo-Con Talking Points” and “Comforting Lies” for “Idiots”. For evidence that the words Muir wrote are lies, she links to this Snopes piece.

Unfortunately for her, Snopes does not discount anything that Muir wrote and only mentions that these facts are included in chain emails.

Oh yeah, and they were also put out as fact in press conferences from as far back as Bremer and articles such as one in Forbes by Weinberger.

I guess she took exception that Muir can draw a more attractive woman than Marcotte will ever become.

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3 Responses to Looks like Aunt Flo is visiting Pandagon

  1. Christopher says:

    I read some of the comments in pendagon about it and it is keel over knee slapingly funny. Are people really this dumb? I like the comment about who is the unknown speaker in the sixth panel. Or how they are unsure if Muirs is a parody or not. Oh well, at least I am not them

  2. Rivrdog says:

    “Ale Wench”, eh? I hadn’t heard that term, and think it’s wasted on a screaming scumbucket like her.

    I HAVE heard of “Alewives”, and they are a worthless little trashfish that pollutes our trout lakes here in Oregon, getting so large in number that they disrupt the food chain for the trout, killing them.

    The solution for alewives is Rotenone (poison).

    Dono whether the same concept would work on Marcotte.

  3. Chris says:

    Here’s a link from Snopes that goes through each one of the items in the Snopes article:


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