An Analogy on Medicare/Obamacare Money Transfer

I’ve been trying to find a simple to understand analogy to explain the $716 Billion that got counted twice (in the negative for Medicare, in the positive to Obamacare), because even the honest media is not being helpful in explaining it.

I thought you all might want to review and borrow it during the next couple months. Even if you’re not planning on voting for Romney, it is helpful to pull the veil back for some folks.

Here’s the pitch from the White House:

The government owns a house on Medicare Street, but they also wanted to buy a high rise condominium on Obamacare Blvd.

They didn’t actually have the money to pay for both of them, so they’re short-paying the holder of the mortgage of the Medicare Street house by 30% and give it to the mortgage holder of the condo loan. I don’t know why the condo loan holder said OK and sold them the condo. Maybe he didn’t read their credit report or something?

Quick, simply, easy explanation.

When the person you’re telling this to says that that is a crazy plan, remind them that Congress passed the bill without reading it, so this insanity is actually par for the course for them.

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2 Responses to An Analogy on Medicare/Obamacare Money Transfer

  1. Moe Joe says:

    Enron accounting.

  2. Mollbot says:

    I just read an article wherein it quoted President Obama declaring that the ideas showcased at the RNC were “better suited to last century.” My immediate thought was, “if we had followed some of those ideas starting a century ago we likely wouldn’t be in this mess NOW.”

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