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Under the definition of quisling, is a picture of a guy named Mike Weisser (aka: Mike the Gun Guy). He posts at the HuffPo on a semi-regular basis and says stupid shit.

His latest installment is titled “How the 2nd Amendment Differs from the Rest of the Bill of Rights”. In this latest piece, he says the 2nd Amendment is different because it only covers people who own firearms, unlike the 1st Amendment which covers everybody (except those who chose to not say things that inflame or challenge the mainstream, or those who chose to not practice a religion, or those who chose to not assemble). Or the 4th Amendment (except or those who aren’t currently in danger of being illegally searched). Or the 5th Amendment (except for those who aren’t currently being prosecuted by the state).

He seems to forget that an individual’s perpetual civil rights coverage under the Bill of Rights does not mean that they have to be using them to be covered.

Not a thinker, that one.

The Bill of Rights is kind of like having a concealed pistol: You hope you don’t ever have to use them, but you are very glad that they are they in case you ever need them.

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