It’s A Conspiracy

Of course…..

There is a Kansas University Jayhawks basketball game on the same day as the Kansas Presidential Caucus. ESPN will be there because Jayhawks basketball is very popular. ESPN and KU agreed on the game’s scheduled start time a couple weeks ago.

It starts at 1500, local time.

Because of the weird way in which the Democratic Party in Kansas runs their caucus, their caucusing begins at 1500 as well.

So, of course, this is a conspiracy to prevent people who love them some Jayhawks basketball to have to choose between the two.

If you’re an idiot. Like these folks.

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  1. formerly dfwmtx says:

    Nothing gets people riled up like sports, politics, or religion. I like to joke that football is the biggest religion in the South, with Protestant Christianity running a distant second. Eric Hoffer outlines plenty of points in which for the True Believer, politics overlaps religion in the mind of the adherent. So when sport events and political events have a scheduling conflict, I can see why the one religion gets pissed off that another religion is distracting the faithful from adherence to the true faith of politics.

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