Dang-y Dangy Dang Dang-y Dangy Dang

Can’t get Inna’s “In Your Eyes” out of my head these days. As with much Romanian-export-pop-tart material, I’m convinced the lyrics are meant to be ignored. But the chorus just makes me laugh. Crank it!

Okay, okay, as a palate-cleanser, Pentatonix’ is my favorite arrangement of “Royals” by far.

And here’s another Inna just for kicks.


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3 Responses to Dang-y Dangy Dang Dang-y Dangy Dang

  1. guy says:


    I was really enjoying that first video until Leopardprint/Tuque Boy showed up.

  2. Mr. Wolf says:

    Heh. Well, I put another up just for you without such annoying interruption.

  3. mikee says:

    Repost when the Inna outtakes with wardrobe malfunctions hits YouTube.

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