Flippin’ Burgers — Cali Workforce Field Observations

Our local Nations Giant Burger franchise was staffed, for as long as I can remember, exclusively with Mexican and Mexican-American women. Food was great, too.

Then two years ago, they pretty much vanished, replaced by older white women who, well, let’s just say they’d obviously led hard lives. The food quality and service was noticeably worse.

Today, we noticed all the white women are gone. Every crew member is now a college-age young man. Some probably have degrees, too.

But the food tastes great, and service was polite and with a smile.

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2 Responses to Flippin’ Burgers — Cali Workforce Field Observations

  1. Armageddon Rex says:


    If you miss the Mexican gals, they’re at my local Nations on Contra Costa Blvd. in Pleasant Hill, and, yes, they still make great burgers, fries & shakes!

  2. mikee says:

    Interestingly, we have an inversion of that process here in Texas. A Mongolian Grill (where you fill a bowl full of ingredients that is is then stir fried for you) opened up, staffed by a family of Orientals.

    The stir fry comes with a neat little sesame bread and delicious chicken soup, spiced with all the flavor of the mysterious east.

    While the Oriental family worked there, for about 6 months, the soup was wonderful. Then they were replaced by Hispanics (no doubt thoroughly documented, this is Austin, TX, after all! /s) and slowly, with each visit I made, the soup changed from a wonderful Oriental chicken soup to an equally wonderful, but sort of out-of-place, Mexican chicken soup, with cumin and cilantro topping the spices.

    Thought you’d be amused.

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