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Should we really be surprised?

For those who found a comfy rock to hide under for the past 30 years or so and didn’t already know this, Voice of America Radio has been broadcasting pro-US messages into Iran for decades. No longer. Voice of America’s … Continue reading

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Weather does not equal “Climate Change”

That was the refrain from the Warmenistas this last winter during one of the largest snow-dumps in recorded history. And they were right. Short term local phenomena does not equal long-term “factuality”. Or, as was more elegantly put by Plamus … Continue reading

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Bring in the Bulldozers

Over the holiday weekend in a public housing complex just north of St. Louis, MO the fire department was responding to a emergency call of a dumpster fire. When they arrived the residents fired rockets and threw large fireworks at … Continue reading

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Did the SCOTUS actually do more than just tell Chicago to pound sand?

Somebody thinks they may have inadvertently judged for general incorporation of our rights.

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Smart Conservation

From the Economist.  Basically, protected lands should be chosen based on the biodiversity being protected, not the natural beauty.  Conservationists should sell of land that has little biodiversity and use the funds to buy up land that has more. It’s … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/07/10

Uncle put up a quick “thinky” piece yesterday on the topic of freewill and the cancellation of individual liberty for the individual’s “own good”. Well, moments earlier, I was at Samizdata where I saw today’s QotD It will be found … Continue reading

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The walls don’t have ears

But the lampposts do. Surveillance system monitors conversations A controversial covert surveillance system that records the public’s conversations is being used in Britain. The technology, called Sigard, monitors movements and speech to detect signs of threatening behaviour. Its designers claim … Continue reading

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Speaking Out

Sound Politics made mention that Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute will be speaking at the Seattle Townhall next Monday evening. $5 at the door. If had any hopes that I could fit either of my vehicles in a … Continue reading

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