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My Diaper is Full… of Chic

Now that my generation’s old enough to be running and managing ad agencies, you’re getting lots more stuff like this. Which is a Good Thing for our funny bones. Crank the sound for the full effect.

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Have a happy and safe 4th

There’ll be a finger count when we all come back tomorrow. Those with too few and/or burns will be laughed at.

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Revenge of the Nerds, indeed

Heya GunGeeks! Life Liberty Etc. has your hookup! The Periodic Table of Ammunition shirt Good bunch of guys there at Life Liberty Etc. I get all my various stickers through them. Now if I could only get one of the … Continue reading

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Please, God, No.

Smite this heathen beast in tennis shoes. It is being reported that Washington Senator, Patty Murray (aka: She who though Osama Bin Laden was building day cares in Afghanistan) is joining with 25 other Senators to try and get the … Continue reading

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