RNS QUote of the Day: 05/31/12

On the topic of the Eurozone….

….I have long believed that the European Union, when it finally collapses, will do so all at once. All the power and all the money that these fanatics have under their control will all be used up, all of it, to sustain the illusion that they are all now so determined to sustain. And then all the power and all the money will be gone, and everything will very suddenly disintegrate. At which point it will emerge that everyone was only obeying orders.

Brian Micklethwait – 05/29/[email protected]  Samizdata.UK

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3 Responses to RNS QUote of the Day: 05/31/12

  1. Rolf says:

    Yup, sounds about right. Everything is fine… until it isn’t. There are layers and layers of bureaucracy, and more committees and sub-coms that everyone has plausible deniability. The big question, is, *then what?* Pitchforks and guillotines (for the masses and leaders, respectively)? Muddle through? Riots and starvation under oppressive dictators? War? Total economic collapse, with an utter failure of modern systems, with accompanying die-off? Wheelbarrows of paper money, write offs, much shouting, and carry on as before without learning a thing, to do it all over again in 50 years?

    I dunno. But I suspect it’ll have a bigger impact here than most people realize.

    Interesting times… Got heavy metal?

  2. Bill says:

    European history would seem to indicate that war is the next step once the EEU crashes. They have always resorted to war when economic issues have caused heartache, from Grecian times to WWII, no reason to believe this will be different.

  3. Jim says:

    I’ll have to write to the Dissident Frogman, and ask him if any of the Parisian restaurants are printing menus in German.

    Leading economic indicator, and all that.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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