The Last Act

Of a desperate adversary?

Quite possibly.

Now that the standoff in Oregon is over, the anti-civil rights leftists have connected the dots and think that they have discovered a unicorn.

It is time to demand that the NRA open their books and come clean about how much of this so-called “patriot movement” they are supporting. Take, for example, Gavin Seim, the broadcaster who kept the live stream of the remaining four Bundy militia members’ surrender going, while bringing in Michele Fiore and Franklin Graham, of all people.

To quote the “patriots'” favorite book, by their fruits, shall ye know them. In this case, Seim’s “fruits” appear to be in line with the same goals as the NRA.


For years now, these “Patriots” have been able to move around the country, broadcasting live with no visible means of support. Selling reverse mortgages, as Santilli did for awhile, might keep the bills paid but it certainly won’t fund an opulent lifestyle. Seim appears to be a young guy with no job beyond watering the trees of liberty with other “patriots'” blood, sweat and tears. So how does he pay the bills?

My instincts aren’t enough in this situation. Intuitively, I believe the NRA probably funds these guys directly or indirectly, either through ad buys on their shows or through other means of support. Grants, contract deals, whatever. The problem is, we can’t know whether they do or don’t fund them without a full, transparent, and public audit.


I have created a petition at the White House petition site, calling for a public audit of the NRA. I need 100,000 signatures by March 12, 2016 to receive a response. Please sign and share it.

I’m not quite sure what they expect a petition at the WH petition site is going to make the NRA do. I doubt that even Dear Reader has the cojones to bring this bs up.

Of course, it is very likely they won’t get their 100k signatures.

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  1. Rolf says:

    The same people that say “Nothing to see here” about Hillary’s email server, Bill’s bimbo eruptions, huge-dollar speaking fees for sitting (dem) politicians and appointees, incredible cattle-future profits, dead opponents or ambassadors, etc…

    A serial case-study in the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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