I swear

Running a website can be like trying to figure out how to keep one of those Cadillac V8-6-4 “Variable Displacement” engines working properly.

So, I re-registered the domain (last time we went down), then the registration folks went back to using the original nameserver whom I’m not paying to host it any more. They took a couple days to figure it out before they unplugged me, and then I couldn’t unlock to make the changeback stick.

Believe me, I really did swear.

I’ll have some sad news tomorrow about a death in the family while we were down. But for now, let’s all be happy about getting the good ship RNS out of moorage.


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5 Responses to I swear

  1. Pete says:

    Glad to have you back!

  2. Merle says:

    Remember, computers will make our lives better! 🙂

    Glad you’re back!


  3. LibertyNews says:

    Glad to see you got it sorted out.

  4. Inbredredneck says:

    Good to see you back. Been checking in every few days and was startin’ to figure I’d screwed up some kind of settings on my ‘puter.

  5. NotClauswitz says:

    Had an inquiry from Jim at smokeonthewater.typepad.com, at my site as to your situation so we’re GLAD to see you’re back up — I’m very sorry about Buster. 🙁

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