The victimhood never ends

Is there such a thing as Heterophobia?

San Francisco Gays Want “Tech Bros” Out of Their Neighborhoods

San Francisco, the gay capital of America, is facing invasion from so-called “tech bros,” according to residents of the city’s famous gay districts who are upset by the growing number of straight people in their communities.

Historically, the LGBT community had forged its own path in the city, creating its own culture in San Francisco “gayborhoods.” Open homosexuality was still not accepted by much of mainstream society, so they stuck together in neighborhoods such as the Castro district.

However, the past decade has seen a dramatic shift in how the majority of Americans view LGBT citizens: with the legalisation of gay marriage in 2015, most Americans now have come to accept gay people. This has led to a much greater integration into the mainstream populace of the LGBT community, which many would believe to be a good thing.

Except some members of the gay community quite like having their own special place. They don’t want to have to cater to straight people the same way that heterosexual folks have accepted them. Quoted in The Guardian, Cleve Jones, a gay activist, saw something that “shocked him” in his local gay bar. “The tech bros had taken over The Mix. They commanded the pool table and the patio. These big, loud, butch guys. It was scary,” he said.

Go jump in a lake of Diet Coke, fucker.

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2 Responses to The victimhood never ends

  1. Rolf says:

    Oh, the horror! They are being asked to extend the same acceptance to others! I.e., be nice. Wow, what a problem…. Another slip of the mask from the left, which has always been about power and control, not fairness, or acceptance, or minority rights. Message received and understood.

  2. NotClauswitz says:

    Oh my goodness! What if one of those big butchy loudmen were to buy Simpering Seth a drink? Hahahaha.

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