Not going quite as planned

It was an interesting week at the new job.

First, the guy who was going to stick around for 2-3 weeks to help get me transitioned and caught up quit on Tuesday. Apparently, he thinks I’m quite capable.

Second, the owner of the business was out of town from Tuesday to Thursday, so I didn’t get a sit down meeting with him until Friday morning. We talked for 90 minutes or so. He is of a mind that I’m going to walk on him too because there is so much to do (we’re now behind on three projects and about to add a fourth).

Third, I put in 55 hours last week to try and prove that I’m not going anywhere. I was often frustrated, and pulled in four different directions, for most of the week, and it was still the most fun I’ve had at “work” in a very long time. I’ll likely break 60 hours this week in an effort to slow/stop the backup.

Otherwise, everything is going quite well. I’m thoroughly enjoying the new gig. They’ve given me company work wear and a set of keys and the alarm code for the place. For the most part, they let me know the order of importance of the jobs and leave me alone to work. I hope to post some pics soon of some of the projects, which are themselves very cool. I’m still attempting to get the scoop on how much I can tell y’all about them (where they’re going and whatnot).

Anyway, stay tuned. The ride is bumpy, but the woman sitting across from you is wearing a low-cut shirt and no bra.

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2 Responses to Not going quite as planned

  1. guy says:

    That’s probably a good sign.

    A company that has a place for everything and everything in its place is already in a death spiral.

    The places I’ve worked that were constantly playing catch up usually did really well. As long as the owner wasn’t a loser.

  2. Rick T says:

    Sounds like you have a scheduler/manager who knows how to do two for the most important jobs:
    – Set priorities (and keep them stable)
    – Communicate with all the project owners/leads where they are in the queue…

    Nothing worse than “Is it done yet? Is it done yet?” interleaved with “Why haven’t you started on MY project?”…

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