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I want some of your blood

…your white blood cells, that is, if you’re one of the presumably thousands or millions of humans out there who are as resistant to cancer as these supermice. My grandfathers both died of lung and throat cancer (although they both … Continue reading

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What Jim Said

I’ve deleted Polipundit from the links under “David Likes” in the sidebar, because Poli has gone all frothy nutso about the immigration issue. Most of his co-bloggers have fled or been kicked out over this in the last few days. I don’t have … Continue reading

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What is Love?

Joe of Boomershoot fame recently answered a few of Red’s questions on sex, but begged off on answering her question about love. Well, I’ve got an (admittedly, unsolicited) answer to this question that might work for her. When I was young, moody, and … Continue reading

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Weird Wednesday

Was anyone else having trouble loading RNS page yesterday afternoon/evening? I’m hoping it is not just me versus electronic items, because my mobile phone switched over to roaming in places where I’ve always had 5 bars last night as well.

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The Soundboard: Because Jimi said so

(Alternative title: Stuck in the 70’s) Because I haven’t stopped listening to the band on a daily basis since my time off a couple weeks back, and to provide some more trivia knowledge after last week’s edition. When I still … Continue reading

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There’s “Brave” and there’s “Stupid”

And this guy is stupid. Lord Layard, UK Governmental Adviser and a professor at the London School of Economicssays that since moeny doesn’t buy happiness, government should make sure that Britons have less of it. Or, at least, wealthy Britons … Continue reading

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