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Bear Arms

In Seattle, near the University of Washington’s Greek Row, the Seattle law enforcement community shot themselves a bear Sunday morning. An adult black bear, to be exact. Follow this link to see approximately where the bear was felled. How did the … Continue reading

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Misplaced Priorities

The Seattle School District is broke. They mismanaged their money to the extent where they are having to close some schools. They spent even more money over a period of several months to try and figure out a list of … Continue reading

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No More Pity

If NOLA gets hit again, and the state, county and city leadership can’t handle the problem AGAIN, then I will have no pity and not one penny of my hard earned cash will go their way, because of this Nagin … Continue reading

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I’d rather they just change their name

In case you don’t stop by the ‘Stop the ACLU’ blog frequently, and you really should, the ACLU (insert cleverly modified moniker here) has decided that people crossing America’s souther border illegally, meaning against every immigration law on the books, … Continue reading

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It Takes a Petty Child to Raze a Village

Clever line from Michael Z. Williamson’s The Weapon. It’s kind of like a cross between Heinlein’s Starship Troopers and Friday and Haldeman’s There Is No Darkness, but really long. With the UN as the enemy, not aliens. Oh yeah, and the hero ends … Continue reading

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This is Weird

Lionel Richie seems to be as hot in the Arab world, particularly Iraq, as David Hasselhoff was in Germany. Why?

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