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Now That’s Classy!

Found via Craig at MTPolitics Diners don’t chicken out at PETA’s clucking A human inside an injured chicken costume, hobbling in protest on the sidewalk Wednesday in front of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, didn’t achieve the desired effect, according … Continue reading

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A Lack of Credibility

By now I’m sure you’ve read about Iraq Veterans Against War poser MacBeth faking that he was a US Army Ranger/SpecFor/BoogieMan whatever. If not, I’m sure that rock you’ve been under probably stinks something fierce and you need to get … Continue reading

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Because you know it wasn’t enough

Seeing as how they know that they can’t ambush him with the question during the 2008 debates, I’m giving the mainstream press a week before they ask Bush if he has any more regrets. On a side note, I’m thinking that … Continue reading

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