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OK, Parental Units

I have a friend with a question. I’m not sure he wants a bundle of traffic, so I’ll post it here. We’ll get on with linkage when I get the okee-dokee. An assignment from my wife, find some shareware or … Continue reading

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Belated Range Reports

While neither David or I were able to attend “The Best Boomershoot Ever”, Ben at Reasonable Nut was able to. And if I had spent a bit more time on this here interweb around the end of last week, I’d have found … Continue reading

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No, They’re Not Biased

Yesterday’s Seattle Times contained an article titled “Is Ecosabotage Terrorism?” Who is a terrorist? After the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people, it was clean-cut Timothy McVeigh, a brooding loner — infused with hatred of the government — … Continue reading

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