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Precision Scout Rifle, Part 1

I noticed that Josh of South Park Pundit was musing about a Cooper-style Scout rifle. After half-jokingly suggesting this monster   …I started thinking about using a Scout rifle at longer ranges. Generally, you can’t. The key limitation seems to be the … Continue reading

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No, no high-caps here, Officer

I spent far too much time gawking in Cabela’s a week ago Wednesday. I should note in my defense that Cabela’s not only had a ridiculously large gun selection, but it also had a wide variety of high-capacity magazines over which … Continue reading

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I’ve lived in California, Oregon and Maryland. I’ve traveled to a lot of states in between. But until last week, I’d never been inside a Cabela’s. If the Mitchell, South Dakota store is typical of the breed, then if you … Continue reading

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I’ll have to do some research

But as of now, I would greatly appreciate it if this judge was nominated for at least the DC Court of Appeals, if not the SCOTUS A Texas jury decided in 1991 that Steven Kenneth Staley, now 43, should be … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Mama Said

Play some Heart. This Sunday is Mother’s Day (fellas, this post is what is considered “fair warning”), so in advance celebration I’ll be giving the Analog Mom a pre-Mother’s Day gift. To say that some of the music I’ve posted … Continue reading

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