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Trust the gov’t with your residence address? I don’t.

Instead, I’ve been using private mailboxes for the last twenty years or so, since the end of high school (geez, it’s been that long?). There’s nothing secretive about this, just go to any Postal Annex or UPS Store/Mailboxes Etc. and sign up … Continue reading

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Poor Little Leftist

Over the weekend I angered a very deranged woman, apparently by visiting the place where she blogs part-time. Her name is Brenda (or as I prefer to call her, “Brendolina” because she does act quite childish and therefore deserves a childs … Continue reading

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Once again, I ask

Who exactly are the racists? (This was supposed to appear on Friday, but thanks to the Saudi DoS attack, it had to wait until today)  Danny Westneat is a Seattle Times columnist. Needless to say, he is a liberal. Or … Continue reading

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These are some very confused individuals

Who really need to make up their minds. First, it was “Bush rushed us into war” Now, it is “Bush didn’t attack soon enough” From the dKos front page If the President killed Zarqawi, he would have killed the ability … Continue reading

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More Seattle Racism

But, as is usual, it isn’t from caucasian race baiters. No, once again, it is a result of liberal guilt. No black contracts — no light rail Dozens of people joined hands in prayer at a Sound Transit meeting yesterday, … Continue reading

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