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It appears the Swiss, long famed in gun-rights circles for still requiring every able-bodied Swiss male to keep a (drool) Sig 550-series fully-automatic assault rifle in his home as part of the citizen militia, may be rethinking that practice following … Continue reading

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Good News

From Mr. Completely. Well, first of all, yesterday was his first blogaversary, so you should congratualte him on that. I know mine is sometime in may, but I don’t know which day, so good on him for remembering. Next up, … Continue reading

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Local Pol Stops By Right Wing Blog

Over the weekend RNS had a little visit from a man who is doing something I don’t think I have the big brass ones for: Running for Jim McDermott’s House seat. Steve Beren made a very informational comment on the … Continue reading

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Is this Diversity?

They’re forming a Prayer in School Blue Ribbon Committee├é┬áin the Seattle School District that will look into, well, letting the students pray while at school. Don’t go fallin out of your chairs just yet, this committee will only be trying … Continue reading

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Free Speech Wednesday

I’ve got a trifecta of items involving the issue of free speech for you today. Oddly enough, the leftists who can find a 4th Amendment violation by the Bush Administration around every corner are probably patting themselves on the back … Continue reading

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