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Low Expectations

Bush is scheduled to deliver a speech to the nation that wil focus on the illegal immigration debate. I’m not expecting anything new or exciting, in fact, what I’m expecting was encompassed by this cartoon I snagged from John at … Continue reading

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I get mail

In an email from my co-worker, Paul, came this eBay auction Titan 1 ICBM Missile Base – Located in Washington State: Located about 1 1/2 hours from Spokane, 4 hours from Seattle, 5 hours from Portland. 360 degree views. Private … Continue reading

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55,000 = 128

At least here in leftie land, Washington State, that is how the math works. Friday it was announced that 55,000 dead or ineligible voters have been removed from the statewide voter database. In Saturday’s Seattle Times it was also mentioned that the state … Continue reading

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Typical Day in the Neighborhood

It’s Thursday at the Seattle Times and they are deciding which ‘Letters to the Editor’ to print in their Friday edition. Shortly thereafter, they have decide which ones of those they are going to include in their online version. Since … Continue reading

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