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The Soundboard: Takin’ Texas to the People

That was the catchphrase of ZZ Top’s 1976-77 “World Wide Texas Tour”. I know this because I’m looking at a repro of one of their tour posters sitting above and to the left of the desk at Blogstation Tacoma.  You could … Continue reading

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Unapologetically Uncivilized

The Analog Wife took her second cruise around in Grimm yesterday. She said that she was searching for the perfect phrase to describe him, but couldn’t put her finger on it after the first trip. She found it yesterday. “He’s … Continue reading

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I’ll be back

Most likely, this afternoon. I took almost all of yesterday off from the blogosphere and have only a couple things to post other than the Brendolina update below. But right now, the Analog Wife is cracking the whip to get me to … Continue reading

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Not So Slight Return

Brendolina is back with a whole new flood of vitirol against you know who. After enduring another of her conspiracy laden emails, stemming from Monday’s post, I warned her that BTW, any further emails to me will be, from this … Continue reading

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