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Just Desserts

It’s about time this firm went down. When I was in law school in the mid-’90s, this firm was the talk of the legal world, an upstart law firm making hundreds of millions from unfounded shareholder derivative suits. If you … Continue reading

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A Pledge of Ignorance

In case you hadn’t heard, frightmonger AlGore is asking for people to pledge to see his lame-ass movie. With only 79,400 pledges so far, things aren’t looking good for this flick to be a blockbuster. And it isn’t because of bad … Continue reading

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Monumental Stupidity

One of the great things about having a blog is that you don’t have wait and hope that you “Letter to the Editor” will be published (it is also pretty cheap therapy), espically since responses to the published ‘letters’ you … Continue reading

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