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Tuesday Dog Blogging: Belly Up Edition

Not enough sleep to keep awake at work last night, and now I feel like my big-man Russell did over weekend while I was watching moves. He slept like that for a good 90 minutes Saturday night. He didn’t even … Continue reading

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Put Your Money in a Better Place

Last week, at the Klueless Kos Kids’ Klubhouse, diarist ‘TheBookPolice’ opined about how he wants, nay, DEMANDS, that he pay higher taxes. I Want Higher Taxes: A Deconstruction Let me just say it straight out: I WANT HIGHER TAXES. What … Continue reading

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The First Rule of Bachelor Party is:

You don’t talk about Bachelor Party! Tits McGhee, whom I’ve spoken about here before, is getting married in a couple weeks and her Bachelorette Party was last Saturday. She had told me about it on Friday and I asked how … Continue reading

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