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Bacon, Bananas and Toast

Well, if AK can post about tuna fish sandwiches, I figure I can toss my family’s secret recipe out into the blogosphere. This is excellent rocket fuel for a busy Saturday working in the yard. Bacon, Bananas and Toast: 3 slices … Continue reading

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I think I missed a day there

But what with all the kick ass stuff David posted yesterday, I doubt you missed me. I had, quite literally, nothing on which to post about, then I got home and saw what David did and decided not to wreck it, … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Driving Music Pt. 1

The ‘Summer Driving Season’ is nearly upon us. In regions that aren’t always warm and dry, this means that you can take your best vehicle out and drive until the wheels come off without worry of getting a spot of rain … Continue reading

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Have a List and Hold It Close

Dr. Robert C. Balling Jr. wrote up a list of truths at TCS that were too inconvenient for AlGore to include in his enviro-scare tactic movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” Here are a couple: (2) Gore discusses glacial and snowpack retreats … Continue reading

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Take a Moment

Click on this link (it’ll open in a seperate window) and think about what you see. If you’re like me, you see a relatively attractive banner heading a report about Dean, Hillary, The Swimmer and Cali Pelosi wanting to take … Continue reading

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