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The Dumbest Idea for a Hunting Jacket

Good Lord! What in the hell were they thinking?

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Count ANY Vote: Part Semnadtsat

Alternate Title: The Never Ending Story Today is the day that the Washington State Republicans are rumored to be filing their lawsuit contesting the certification of Democrat Christine Gregoire as Governor. The Republican court challenge to Christine Gregoire’s election as … Continue reading

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I certainly hope so

From World Net Daily: Has U.S. threatened to vaporize Mecca? Intelligence expert says nuke option is reason bin Laden has been quiet Why hasn’t Osama bin Laden’s terror network executed an attack on U.S. soil since 9-11? Simple, says Dr. … Continue reading

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Every Dog Has His Day

I would say that this news is strange, but its from San Francisco. S.F. planning to unleash dog-care rules Ordinance would define adequate pooch amenities In San Francisco, where orphaned animals live in “pet condos” at the SPCA, pet parents … Continue reading

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Tim Blair Gets A Job

As of Monday, I’ll be Assistant Editor (News) at The Bulletin. It’s a full-time office job, the first I’ve had – or seriously considered – since 2000. Various proposals have been discussed over the past few months. One option was … Continue reading

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Canadians Pinch Illinois

You may remember the plan put forth by the state of Illinois and Wisconsin to buy cheap perscription drugs from Canada and sell the to the citizens of their respective states. Well, Canada is about to put a stop to … Continue reading

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