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Stupid Liberal Tricks

The Interested Participant links to one of those ineffective “No Questions Asked, Gun Buy-Back” programs going on soon in Cleveland. How I wish I had $10,000 and a ticket to Cleveland. I’d rent myself a table and buy some pens … Continue reading

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Count ANY Vote: Part Devyatnadtsat n Odin

Part 19.1 Just to keep you all on the up and up, here is a link to an article that talks about this Thursday’s upcoming court case I spoke about yesterday. Putting aside the other two motions they filed for, … Continue reading

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I just have to weigh in

I have been seeing the discussion of bloggers taking money and public disclosure and all that going around. Then I saw this post from Oliver Willis basically accusing the upper echelon of the right wing bloggers of all being on … Continue reading

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Too many similarities here

They’re both on islands. They both think of their subjects as too stupid to think for themselves. They both wish America was impotent. And they both hate George W. Bush. I speak of London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, who plans on … Continue reading

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