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Count ANY Vote: Part Vosemnadtsat

As a convenience, I have catalogued all the posts on this topic to their own category, appropriately titled “Count ANY Vote”. Just scroll down a bit and look on the right hand margin for the list of categories. And here … Continue reading

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Bush: Failure

That got your attention, didn’t it? If, like me, you read more than a few left wing blogs, you will read about their delusion that ‘GWB is trying to bankrupt America!’ They say he is attempting to send the country … Continue reading

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A Very Good Idea

Maybe this method of dealing with the jihadi and Baathist prisoners would make the lefties crying about Gonzales, torture doctrines, etc. From Dale Franks at the QandO Blog: My preferred method of dealing with these terror prisoners would be to … Continue reading

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Probably Too Much Information

Bruce at Massbackwards found a very interesting story and refrained from making a joke out of it. Aaron at FreeWillBlog also refrained and listed it as ‘Headline of the Day’. I, however, am not as principled. In fact, I am … Continue reading

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Like I’ve been saying

maybe some people should be less concerned about civil rights in America, and more concerned about what’s happening in “their own back yard.”:http://politics.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,9115,1386715,00.html bq. _*With its federal system, the US has at least worked out how best to run an … Continue reading

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