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Is it possible

For the Democrats to choose a less likeable, more unconnected person than John Kerry as a presidential candidate? Apparently “it is.”:http://presidentboxer.blogspot.com/ Maybe we can link her up with Dean for ’08 – that should resurrect the ghost of the McGovern … Continue reading

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Good thing handguns are

illegal in the UK. I guess farm implements will be the “next to go.”:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/4206729.stm

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He’s Right, You Know

John of Some Poor Schmuck has a few words for Nicholas Kristoff. If you don’t know, Kristoff is an Op/Ed guy for the New York Times. On his trip to Cambodia, Kristoff ‘bought’ two girls ‘out’ of brothels, apparently thinking … Continue reading

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Never say

That the Dems don�t know how to seize an opportunity. Feeling strong in the City of Seattle, local Democrats are going to try and work their way around Initiative 200, passed just four years ago that got rid of preferential … Continue reading

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Oy Vey, I am so far behind!

In case you missed it, The Paratrooper of Love has the e-mail addy for the recruiter who was run out of Seattle Central Community College on Inauguration Day. [email protected] He also has the e-mail addys for the soldier’s superiors if … Continue reading

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Driving in the Snow

No, not me. Og, the Neanderpundit has a rant about the idiots who try to drive in the snow in his area. If you don�t read it, you�ll miss one of the funniest rants of the month. Here is the … Continue reading

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Nobody lives forever

And when you number is up, even moving halfway around the planet won�t save your ass. Snowboarder’s change of plans had saved him from tsunami Bay Area native Daniel Berk had planned to spend the Christmas holiday in Sri Lanka, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Aircraft Goes to See the Wizard

Ya gotta love it! New `Warthog’ rolled out at Eglin adds brains to brawn The retro look that helped give the straight-winged, snub-nosed A-10 “Warthog” its unofficial nickname remains unchanged, but a $360 million modification program is giving the rugged … Continue reading

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