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Mr. Heyward

“goes to Hollywood”:http://www.broadcastingcable.com/CA490493.html

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A bit ‘o redecoratin’

You may have noticed a couple of things have changed around these parts as of late. I recently (and not so recently) got a couple of e-mails and such asking about font color and size and page size and the … Continue reading

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That is the only word to describe this. Senor Mollbot paid off and picked up his Remington 700 PSS this weekend! And don’t he look like a proud papa! He should have his post on it up at What Hath … Continue reading

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Why isn’t this all over the front page?

AKA: Oh, THAT liberal media! The soldiers are asking Rumsfeld some very hard to answer questions but, for some reason, they don’t want to plaster these ones all over the place like what happened with the planted armor question. Q: … Continue reading

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By Ourselves, For Ourselves: Part 3

Well, hello there! My apologies for skipping the week between Christmas and New Years. I figured that I had left you with $200-$1000 in stuff to get taken care of in the first two installments, so we could take a … Continue reading

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Ignorance in full view

John @ Some Poor Schmuck asks “Does part of the preparation for taking a seat on the Oregon Court of Appeals involve having your brains sucked out and replaced by sawdust?” My answer; Nope, they just hit you repeatedly over … Continue reading

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Up to her old tricks

California Senator and hopolophobe, Diane Feinstein, has a new bill out and is looking for help in getting it passed. To dismantle increasingly violent street gangs operating nationwide, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said Wednesday that she’ll reintroduce a sweeping … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, Thoughts from the Left

Because, in the mind of the left, all Republicans are hateful bigots, Kos puts up this, And says “Here’s something for your favorite Republican culture warrior — a little gay bashing, a little Europe bashing, and some twisted bible verse … Continue reading

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I consider it a loss

I had feard the wosrt and my fears have come true. I have mentioned here before, just how much talk radio I listen too on a daily basis. Let’s just say over 14 hours a day. 10 hours at work … Continue reading

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