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Count ANY Vote: Part Shestnadtsat n Dva

Yesterday, in Part 16.1, I told you about David Neiwert’s tale of events on the Washington State Gubernatoria Election and said I would bring it here for a fisking. I have done just that. Since I have not yet mastered … Continue reading

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Count ANY Vote: Part Shestnadtsat n Tri

Part 16.3 Karyn Quinlan volunteered to count ballots in the hand recounting of the ballots in King County. She is a Green, but signed up through the Dems (big surprise!). She tells her story of the count here. The best … Continue reading

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The New Free Speech

And folks wonder why we say the UK is decending into madness. From The New Criterion Blog, By now you’ve likely heard about Behzti, the play closed in Birmingham, England by a rampaging mob of Sikhs. According to Salman Rushdie, … Continue reading

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Oliver Willis talks Guns

“You don’t need one gun in your house, let alone two. And we wonder why our society is in moral decay. It ain’t the porn or the rap – it’s the mentality that says you should have implements of death … Continue reading

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Getting Your Message Out

Drumwaster has posted a pic from his travels around his town yesterday. It depicts the back end of a truck that has every rear facing surface covered in bumperstickers of almost every leftist slogan on the planet. My favorite sticker … Continue reading

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I don’t really care about Ann Coulter. I think she’s at least 20lbs shy of being attractive and she is always willing to ‘media-whore’ herself at the drop of a hat. I do, however, like the way just the mention … Continue reading

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Past and Present

Lee at Right Thinking from the Left Coast put up a pair of pictures yesterday. One was of Hitler Youth giving the one-arm salute. The other was of ‘palestinian’ Fatah Youth Movement members ALSO giving the same one-arm salute. But … Continue reading

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