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Massive Gun Posting

First up, I was looking through my Miday USA mailer and saw these 50 round 10/22 mags on sale for $26! I know they’re not $15 like they were before the AWB, but this is truly cool beans! But I … Continue reading

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Count ANY Vote: Part Shestnadtsat

In new Washington State Gubernatorial Election developments, the Repubs think they have found the smoking gun. KIRO7 News – State Republican Party leaders say they’ve found 8,400 more ballots cast than the number of voters registered in the state’s five … Continue reading

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I meant to post this yesterday

But I got caught up in other stuff… Ed Lynch’s “You might be a Liberal if…..” You think that if someone is getting richer, someone, somewhere, must be getting poorer. You think that Rush Limbaugh�s listeners are mindless �dittoheads,� but … Continue reading

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Those ‘Civilized’ Europeans

Those lovable french folks ring in the new year in their own special way….. Vandals torched a total of 333 cars in France during New Year’s celebrations, according to official figures released at the weekend – an unpleasant annual tradition … Continue reading

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More Useless Information

This isn’t just ANY BBC story, it’s their ‘100 things we didn’t know this time last year’ list. #1 Popped out at Rodger of Curmudgeonly & Skeptical fame, 1. Street brawlers sometimes arm themselves with potato peelers, according to the … Continue reading

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Public Service Question…. My mom and my Aunt were going through the last of the personal effects from my great uncle Roy’s estate and found boxes of stuff from his memberships in the Shriners and the Masons. And she has … Continue reading

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