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More exit poll madness

First, the left cried foul and stated that the exit poll results showed massive voter fraud in favor of GWB. We we instructed that we must get to the bootom of it, and that the exit polls were actually more … Continue reading

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Reach Out and Touch Someone

Or some thing. My birthday present arrived last night. (click for bigger) Ain’t she a thing of beauty? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the scope that will soon be installed on my Boomershoot project gun. It is a Burris Black … Continue reading

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Am I the only one who noticed this?

On Monday, Oliver Willis (Occupation: Tool) posted about right-wing bloggers pointing out the good Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s conservative ideals. He called it (to accurately paraphrase ) ‘funny that the righties are trying to make Martin Luther King a … Continue reading

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Count ANY Vote: Part Devyatnadtsat n Dva

Just an addition to yesterday’s post, here are the specifics on the Repubs case that is set for tomorrow. In a filing in Chelan County Superior Court, the GOP said preliminary comparisons of a statewide voter file obtained Saturday from … Continue reading

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A Sad Passing

The gentleman I spoke about on Monday, Neal Knox, has passed. You can go here to read the notice from his website, or here to read his personal message. As Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority said, “Now who’s going … Continue reading

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Run, Dean, Run!

Florida may be the best state in the union when it comes to Republican politics. First they resoundingly help re-elect Bush. Now, Florida DNC members endorse Howard Dean for Party Chairman. The Florida delegation to the Democratic National Committee has … Continue reading

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President Bush, Write This Down!

PJ O’Rourke hits it out of the park with his Alternative Inaugural Address, My fellow Americans, I had intended to reach out to all of you and bring a divided nation together. But I changed my mind. America isn’t divided … Continue reading

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