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Tell me you didn’t see

“this coming.”:http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,143453,00.html There was someting very fishy about this story from the outset – I wonder if we’ll ever know the truth of the matter?

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Truth or Subterfuge?

Mike at Sworn Enemy finds a report from a Gallup survey that says gun ownership has fallen from 47% of homes in 2000 to just 40% in 2004. This hit me as a shock, because I know that gun sales … Continue reading

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Count ANY Vote: Part Shestnadtsat n Odin

Translation: Part 16.1 I just want to add this to what I wrote yesterday. It seems that the Repubs are having a handwriting expert take a look at the signatures on a few selected ballots from King County. OK, more … Continue reading

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Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

How sad for them…. A handful of House Democrats plan a long-shot effort to snarl President Bush’s formal re-election by preventing Congress from counting Ohio’s pivotal votes when lawmakers tally the electoral vote on Thursday. No one expects the action … Continue reading

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Canada Can’t Get It Up

Canada has disaster response teams called DARTs that they wanted to send off to help with the tsunami relief. But they couldn’t. Problem, the supplies the teams require weighs 600 tons and they only have enough serviceable aircraft to haul … Continue reading

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Like a rat in a trap

An insurgent was caught planting bombs under vehicles in Baghdad on Monday. I think I’m liking the Iraqi version of ‘street justice’ right about now. In Reutersland, this guy is only ‘a suspected insurgent’, even though he was caught red-handed. … Continue reading

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Those eevviill capitalists!

Always keeping the little guy under their bootheels! Ignorance shrouds capitalism’s profound impact on reducing poverty It should come as heartening news that 2004 was one of the most prosperous years in history. Not because the U.S. economy grew by … Continue reading

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What, are they prejudiced against hippies?

I wouldn’t fault her, because I am too. Minorities Leaving? Eugene, OR – Eugene’s first diversity manager… who is also the local NAACP president… has resigned from her job and is moving out of the area. City officials say they … Continue reading

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